Slices of frozen time

Strange condensation of the untouchable

All the light held captive

Like a bug on a spider web



Welcome to my website!

Here you will find a spectrum of my work, spanning many years.

A quasi self-taught photographer, my goal is to reflect the world around me through my particular point of view.

My images capture a wide variety of subjects, although elements of Nature are always present. I am fascinated by its designs and textures.

In addition to a variety of subjects, you will also find that my photographs range from straight-from-the-camera images to digitally manipulated ones.

This diversity of both style and subject presented a challenge when it came to classifying my body of work into thematic groups for this website. For the sake of practicality, I have decided to arrange the work under just a few themes, and to define these themes as broadly as possible.

This said, I invite you to navigate and enjoy this site. Perhaps you will see different links and themes emerge. I hope, in any case, that you'll be inspired.

Claudio Vázquez